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A pasta salad, a kale salad and a bowl of soup walk into a bar...

Menu for the week of August 15th. Orders must be placed by 5pm on Sunday August 14th for delivery or pickup on Wednesday August 17th.

Hello and Happy Friday, Neighbors!

We are looking SO very forward to getting back in the saddle (read: kitchen) and back into your hearts (read: bellies) next week. We have a delicious, nutritious and very summery repeat menu back by popular request for you!

As discussed briefly in our last posting, please note that on next week’s service we will be offering Rebel Chef Brown-Box lunches in our add-on section in honor of back to school. Brown Box lunches will be $9 and include your choice of sandwich (pb&j on whole grain or turkey and cheese on a croissant) fruit and veggie, a bag of chips and a homemade granola bar. Depending on the level of interest we will either continue to prepare those on a weekly basis, make them available for special occasions/extra busy weeks, or pretend the whole thing never happened. SO, if this is something you’re feeling excited about- tell a friend!


**If shrimp does not call to you, feel free to request your pasta salad without it in the ‘anything else you’d like us to know’ section of the order form.

As we wind down the final precious weeks of summer, stock your larder with the types of meals that afford you the time to luxuriate in these picture perfect days and nights. This pasta salad is equally delicious eaten straight from the container out of the fridge, at room temp or quickly heated in the microwave.

Meaty boiled shrimp, perfectly browned savory smoked sausage, chewy sun dried tomatoes, sweet roasted pepper & summer squash and tangy artichoke hearts tossed with pasta (always al dente, never bloated) in a light, herby pesto sauce.

Served up by the quart for $14!

Single serving bowls for $7

AJ says: ' Make it a Gin Basil Smash! Keep the theme of this meal rolling with some more flavor punch directly from your summer garden- Muddle 4-5 basil leaves in your favorite glass with 1oz simple syrup (substitute maple syrup or demerara cube), 1oz lemon juice and 2oz of your favorite gin. Add ice. I prefer botanical heavy American gins for this kind of drink over a London dry.'

‘THE KALE SALAD’ (vegan, gf)

This kale salad is perfect for stocking the fridge. Naturally hearty and robust kale holds up extremely well over the course of a week in the refrigerator (especially after being lovingly massaged with olive oil and sea salt) making it ideal for nutritious grab-and-go. Our massaged kale salad is layered with protein rich toasted quinoa, housemade salt and pepper almonds, lightly sweetened dried cherries and a fruit & herb vinaigrette.

Individual (feeds one as a main course or two as a side) for $12

XL (feeds 1-2 as a main or 3- 4 as a side) for $17

AJ says: 'Many drinks will work here (don’t forget about water!) but something on the spectrum of Sauvignon Blanc would do nicely- the kale has just enough heft, salt and toast from the quinoa to benefit from a quenching wash of fruity/slightly acidic white wine. I am more partial to French examples but something about summer may also call for the lime and passionfruit zip of New Zealand/Malborough variations.'


This is, to me, one of those perfect soups that suits every season beautifully. A base of creamy golden potatoes, pureed with ultra sweet corn and anti-inflammatory, prebiotic, all powerful, superfood leeks. Finished with a touch of our homemade cashew milk for added creaminess. Enjoy it with your meal or all on its own.

16 oz bowl for $7

Quart for $13

AJ says: 'It probably seems too early, but Oktoberfest season is already descending and there are plenty of fabulous examples that will bring some wonderful bready toast as a complimentary element to a sweet and warm soup. My favorite the past several years has been Bells Oktoberfest (from Michigan) which is inexpensive, available and almost flawless as a standalone beer.'

Additionally, we are showcasing some of our very favorite scratch made staples in the add-on section this week.

Healthy Seed Croutons: Add some omega-rich texture to your soup or salad, or better yet enjoy as a snack or appetizer with your favorite jam and cheese.

12oz cups are $5

Pretty Pink Pickled Onions: The perfect splash of acid, texture and color for oh so many things. Use as a delightful finishing touch on any or all of this week’s menu items, add to a charcuterie board for your next gathering or do what we do and eat them directly out of the jar all on their own.

4oz jars are $3

Happy Eating!

xo RC

Looking ahead....

Delivery Date Menu

8/24 AJ's Favorite Honey Garlic Pork Chops

w/ Aunt Sarah's tangy potato salad

Watermelon Peach & Nectarine Salad w

Burrata & Basil

Creamy Carrot Soup


8/31 Thai Crunch Chicken Noodle Bowl

Almost Sushi House Salad w/ Ginger Dressing

Coconut Lime Tofu Miso Soup

9/7 The LAST time we plan to be out of town in '22!


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