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Aaaaaand, we're off! / Veggie Chili, Cornbread & NYM's Slaw

Hello neighbors, friends, and family! Welcome to week zero of Meal Club, thanks for being here! These 'chili' dreary days have me craving a warm, hearty bowl of:


This chili will be sure to warm your bones and remind you that even though we haven't seen the sun in what feels like an age, you can always find warmth and comfort in your kitchen.

Our veggie chili will feature pinto, black and white beans, veggies, veggies and more veggies and a deliciously seasoned, perfectly thickened roasted tomato and green chile broth.

We'll top it off with our house made, ever so slightly spiced pickled red onions, for the perfect little punch.

$8 for a 16oz bowl or

$15 for a whole quart

Feeling crazy?

Add on some rustic, fluffy cornbread muffins. These little guys are golden as the ever evasive sun we were talking about! Scratch made with stone ground cornmeal and just a pinch of sugar. These muffins are dairy free, using our house made cashew milk instead for added creamy texture. Does contain egg.

Add on 2 for $3 or 4 for $5


Who doesn't just love that soggy, dense, mayonnaise laden coleslaw you've seen decomposing in real time at the end of every BBQ table you've been to your whole life?!?

US, that's who. This ain't your mama's slaw (no offense to your mama of course, I'm sure she's a lovely woman).

This slaw will feature fresh, crunchy shaved cabbage, carrots and green onions (hand sliced from fresh veggies, not emptied out of a plastic bag) tossed with fresh juicy mango and tossed in a light chili lime vinaigrette. A perfect accompaniment to our veggie chili and just the thing to get your tastebuds primed for the flavors of warmer days!

Single serving is $6, family size for $10


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