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Alllll Aboard!!! / RC Weeknight Meat Sauce / White Bean & Rosemary Soup / House Salad

Hidey-Ho Neighbor-inos! Meal Club is officially underway and we are ready to fill your bellies! It's still cold, damp, and dreary so let's wrap ourselves in a comforting blanket of

Rebel Chef Weeknight Meat Sauce

I had the supreme honor and luxury to be raised in a family with Italian Grandparents. Some of my fondest (and earliest) memories revolve around the smells and feels of being in their kitchen during a family gathering. Grandma and Grandpa's Sunday Gravy was a thing of wonder that, through no fault of any of the very dedicated cooks in my family, will never be able to be truly replicated. Whether it's because there was some 'secret' ingredient we weren't ever privy to or because of the phenomenon that food just always seems to taste better when someone else is making it for you, we'll never know.

But I digress-

This is not the Sunday Gravy, that simmers endlessly on impossibly low, bubbling heat for hours and hours until perfection is achieved, no no no. This is a complete bastardization of Sunday Gravy that I've developed over the years to give myself and my family a dose of those comforting Sunday Gravy feels, in an absolute fraction of the time. Grandma and Grandpa are smiling down on me from heaven, with equal parts horror and pride I'm sure.

Rebel Chef Weeknight Meat Sauce
Download ODT • 18KB

RC Weeknight Meat Sauce starts with extra lean ground sirloin (this is key for that 'filling without being heavy' feel), sautéed with lots of onion, garlic and carrots (get those veggies in people!), simmered with italian herbs and (partially) homemade marinara (I cheat a little bit, look for our recipe in your Wednesday morning email!). Served over a trio of pasta shapes and delivered to your front door!

Adult portion $14, $6 for the kiddos.

Go crazy and try it topped with our homemade, dairy free cashew 'Parmesan' for a new twist on an old classic. You can add a 4oz jar for $5 in the add-on section of our order form.

Gluten Free? We can sub brown rice pasta, please select the gluten free add on for $5 if it suits you!

White Bean, Potato & Rosemary Soup with Kale

This week's soup is a wonder! Creamy, rich texture without the cream! White beans, potatoes and rosemary get hot and heavy, then small ribbons of kale and a splash of our cashew milk cool things off just in time! This soup is mostly smooth, with a few beans left behind to mingle. Finished off with a drizzle of balsamic for a little something-something.

Get a 16oz bowl for $7 or a quart for $13

Rebel Chef House Salad

We are firm believers in greens with every meal. Especially when eaten before your main course, they really pave the way for supreme digestion if you catch our drift. Do you catch our drift? Our House Salad is a bed of fresh, crisp, hand torn romaine, sliced cucumber, sliced cherry tomato, shaved carrot and red onion. Served with our homemade, healthy seed croutons (pictured below) for a guilt-free crunch and a homemade dijon balsamic vinaigrette.

Serve yourself for $8 or your whole table (2 adults & 2 kids) for $18. Happy Eating xo RC


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