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Housekeeping pt 2 / White Bean Chicken Chili w/ PPPO's & Not Your Mama's Slaw

Howdy Neighbors,

Well, there comes a time in every Midwesterner’s summer when Mother Nature mocks us by saying ‘Oh? Sick of winter, did you say? Well let’s just see about that…’ and then proceeds to beat us over the head with energy zapping, soul crushing, merciless heat and humidity. It’s a fun game, I look forward to it every year.

I apologize in advance because I’m about to do something that drives my children (and likely my husband as well) absolutely insane; give you a ton of information all at one time. At least you, unlike them, will have it all written down in one convenient location should you need or choose to reference it again in the future.

In response to the many MANY wonderful questions, suggestions, and responses to our Meal Club Subscriber Feedback Survey……

*We are planning to develop as ideal a balance as possible between new exciting meals, and returning favorites. If there is something you would really like to see, or see again- let us know!

*There is a surprising split of people who are and are not interested in a desert option-

To that end, chances are quite high that there will be a dessert or two popping up from time to time in the add-on section of the menu. It will probably be cookies, and they will probably be oatmeal.

*A few outstanding requests regarding breakfast for dinner on the menu. I love that idea so very much and you can bet your sweet biscuit there will be a twist on a healthful McDonald’s Big Breakfast style box coming to a Meal Club near you in short order.

*On that same note, we are considering doing breakfast muffins (sweet and savory) as an add-on to stash for breakfast after Meal Club Day.

*As of now, the ‘ayes’ have it, soup stays for the summer. It will probably not be every week, and there will be weeks like this one where the entree is actually soup in disguise (because we like to keep you on your toes at all times) but it will continue to be available most weeks as we move further into the summer unless demand begins to dwindle.

*I am working on getting some different coupons/discount codes available to subscribers for different things. We really appreciate your orders and want to give back.

Unfortunately that specific technology is a bit outside of our scope at this exact moment in time, BUT- big things are on the horizon….

*While I am reluctant to put this out there for a variety of reasons- yes, it is possible to leave out major ingredients. While for the most part I want to encourage you to try things you think you might not like, or experiment with eating in new ways, I would also like to accommodate all different tastes and diets. If there is an ingredient you’d like to leave out, or a specific request for your meal, please feel free to leave it in the note section of your order form. I'll do my darnedest to accommodate and if it is something that can't be done, I will contact you directly. Keeping up with this week’s motherly theme, this declaration comes with an asterisk not unlike the kind I give my kids when a new ‘privilege’ is bestowed upon them. ‘If this gets too wild, we may need to walk it back.’ Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

*We will be adding on more menu choices, more delivery days and more of everything in general when the new school year starts. Yay!

*We really appreciate all of your support. Your orders, suggestions and word of mouth are priceless to us. It means so much to us to be able to serve our community in this way and we are extremely excited to keep going!

Whoosh, ok that was a lot, thanks for sticking with me

On to this week's menu!


This is one of my desert island meals. I could eat this every day, for many many days in a row and not tire of it. That’s really saying something coming from me because I’m not really one to eat the same meal twice when I could just make something fresh or turn leftovers into something brand new. It’s rich and filling without being heavy, creamy without being cloying. It hits all the buttons on the flavor rainbow. Creamy fiber filled white beans, shredded poached chicken breast, sweet yellow corn, just a dash of subtle heat from tangy green chiles and a bit of spice to tie it all together. It's finished with a smidge of cream cheese for creamy, cheesy goodness. Comes with a side of house made pretty pink pickled onions.

By the quart for $15

Bowls for $8

AJ says: 'The powerful structure of a Malbec will provide a great foundation for all three of these summertime dishes, but especially this one! If you’re able to pick, Argentinian versions tend to be our favorite for pairing'


I actually have these saved in my recipe folder as ‘perfect cornbread muffins’. They’re just one of those things that I can always count on to come out just how I expect. Scratch made with stone ground cornmeal and just a pinch of sugar. These muffins are dairy free, using our house made cashew milk instead for added creamy texture. Eat them on the side of your chili, use them to soak up the delicious bits at the bottom of your bowl, or pop them in your mouth whole. Just kidding, don’t do that.

Add on 2 for $4 or 4 for $6

AJ says: 'An American IPA with English roots will add an ideal blend of citrus, malt and dry/bitter tones. As with the wine, this will pair with all 3 dishes if beer is your thing. Look no farther than Firestones Union Jack or Revolution Anti-Hero.'


No offense to your mama of course, I'm sure she's a lovely woman.

This slaw will feature fresh, crunchy shaved cabbage, carrots and green onions (hand sliced from fresh veggies, not emptied out of a plastic bag) mixed with fresh juicy mango and tossed in a light chili lime vinaigrette. A perfect accompaniment to creamy chicken chili and just the thing to cool off your palette on an extra hot day.

Side dish serving (comes in our 16oz soup container) $6

Bigger serving (comes in our side salad container) $11

AJ says: 'Mix up a margarita but reach past the tequila and grab some Mezcal instead. 2oz Mezcal, .75oz Cointreau and half a lime (drop er’ in after!) straight into your glass over ice to save the dishes. No Cointreau? Muddle a Demerara cube for a different but delicious drink.'


Healthy Seed Croutons 12oz cups for $5

Extra Pretty Pink Pickled Onions 4oz jars for $3

Happy Eating!


Looking ahead...

Delivery Date Menu

6/29 RC Beef & Broccoli Noodle Bowl

Thai Crunch Salad w/ Citrus Peanut Dressing

Tangy Coconut Veggie Soup

7/6 Steak & Chicken Fajita Bowls

Corn & Tomato Salad w/ Avocado

7/13 Breakfast for Dinner!


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