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(knock knock) Housekeeping! Pt. 3

Howdy-Do Neighbor-Friends!

We have some exciting housekeeping to share with you!

First things first: There will (unfortunately) be NO meal club next week as we have an opportunity to visit with dear old friends in an unprecedented cross-country convergence. We greatly appreciate your flexibility as we navigate our inaugural summertime season and hope you can rest assured that our adventuring will slow to a crawl as we ease out of the dog days and into the school year.

First things second: If we haven’t mentioned before, we really love to feed people and we want to try and be as much of a help to you as we possibly can be. To this effect-

Starting with our service the week of 8/22 (which is back to school week for the district) we will be trying out “brown box” lunches as a menu item for those wishing to cross an additional item off their to-do list. Our intent is to have an option for PB&J on whole grain bread OR turkey and cheese on a croissant. Following this would be your choice of fruit or veggie, a bag of chips and a homemade healthy-ish treat in the form of a granola bar/cookie type item or trail mix. Any requests, comments or suggestions here are most welcome!

Meal club will continue to run as normal on Wednesdays but we are expecting to add a service on Mondays as well. At the outset, Mondays will likely consist of soups and salads for the workweek but can expand naturally as your demand may dictate! And finally, we plan to add a small laundry list of bulk macro items to the menu each week. Think seasoned grilled chicken, pre cooked chickpeas and lentils, crudite w/ hummus and etc. Whether you’re a very particular (read:picky) eater, on a specialized diet or truly enjoy preparing and seasoning your own food but lack the time to prep, we believe everyone can benefit from having quality staples on hand at all times. More on that in our next broadcast! Stay tuned for finalized information about our expanding menu and have a great week!

We are looking forward to linking back up on the 17th! A fresh menu will be posted here and delivered to your inbox next Friday 8/12 for service on 8/17. We will be serving:

Shrimp & Sausage Pasta Salad (if you are afraid of shrimp you may absolutely request it to be left out of your order)

The Kale Salad

Dairy Free Potato Leek & Corn Chowder


Pretty Pink Pickled Onions &

Healthy Seed Croutons

Happy eating!

xo RC


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