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Land That I Love / Pick-a-Taco Bowls / Corn, Tomato & Avocado Salad w. PPPO Vinaigrette

Menu for the week of Independence Day. Orders must be placed by 5pm on SUNDAY JULY 3rd for delivery or pickup on Wednesday July 6th.

It’s another beautiful day in the neighborhood. The weather has been very fine, the garden is coming slowly and enchantingly to life, the days are long and the evenings feel leisurely. I have always loved living in this neighborhood (I grew up here, ya know) and I love it still.

One notion we can likely all agree on- we’re living in anomalous and uncertain times. With the Fourth of July peeking around the corner, I feel even more called to embrace our sense of pride in community. One of the things that makes us so proud to be a part of this particular locality is the resiliency of all our good neighbors who keep their spirits high and our neighborhood spark strong. Connecting with you all in the way we have been able to these past few months sure makes the times feel much more normal and certain. We thank you very kindly for that.

We don't know about you, but after a long holiday weekend full of burgers, corn, hotdogs and beer, our fridge will suddenly be barren, our bellies in need of a little flavor reset-and both in need of filling. If you find yourself of a similar need, might we suggest Rebel Chef Meal Club Taco Bowls!


You pick your favorite:

Ground Beef (the very same taco meat we've been cooking weekly for family dinner since 2015)


Chicken (tex-mex seasoned chicken breast, baked and pulled)

served over cilantro rice with mixed pinto and black beans, cut cherry tomatoes, green lettuce, cheese, salsa and a side of Blume family creamy lime sauce.

Plain Taco Bowl (no meat) $13

Ground Beef Taco Bowl $17

Chicken Taco Bowl $15

*Apologies, one size fits all this week!

AJ says: Reach for a Cuba Libre. It’s a rum and coke, but if you squint your eyes it’s much classier! Joking aside, this can be an excellent cocktail with the right rum. Mix 2oz of your favorite light rum with 6oz Mexican Coca Cola (cane sugar instead of HFCS, the taste is very different) and serve over ice with a lime wedge.


Sweet corn, lush tomato and cool, creamy avocado; seasoned and tossed with scallion, topped with cotija cheese and served with a side of pretty pink pickled onion vinaigrette.

The perfect veggie loaded accompaniment to your taco bowl or a lovely supplement to a lunch or dinner later in your week! If you've tried our pretty pink pickled onions before, you'll be sure to love our dressing, made from their pickling liquid!

16oz bowls are $8

Quarts are $15

AJ says: I’m not always in the mood for tea, but cold steeping a few bags of Yerba Mate in water (in the refrigerator) overnight and adding a splash of your favorite citrus juice before serving makes an AMAZING earthy and refreshing accompaniment for this type of meal. It’s also a great morning coffee substitute for those wanting to break up the routine.

Need something quick and yummy to stash away for crazy mornings?

Add on a few homemade CINNAMON MUFFINS or BLUEBERRY MUFFINS to your order for a quick and tasty breakfast or snack!

CINNAMON- orders of 4 for $8

BLUEBERRY- orders of 4 for $10

Happy Eating and Happy Fourth of July!


Looking Ahead

Delivery Date Menu


-Breakfast for Dinner!

-Cookies for dessert


-Greek Chicken Thighs w/ Roasted

Cherry Tomatoes & White Beans

-Mediterranean Cucumber &

Tomato Salad w/ Pita Chips

-Spinach Lentil Lemon Soup


Closed for Summer Vacation!


-Red Beans & Rice

-Rebel Chef Corn Bread Muffins

-Collard Greens​


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