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4.12.23 Weeknight Meat Sauce, White Bean Minestrone w. Pesto, House Salad

-orders must be placed by midnight on Wednesday April 5th-

-Brown Box Dinner...

Pasta & Rebel Chef Weeknight Meat Sauce / $15 adult / $7 Kiddo.

Lean ground sirloin sautéed with lots of onion, garlic and carrots, simmered with Italian herbs and (partially) homemade marinara (this is where the 'weeknight' comes in). Served over a bed of al dente pasta (pick your shape!) to really soak up that sauce!

*dairy free

-In the pot..

White Bean Minestrone w. Pesto / $8 Bowl - $15 quart

A hearty, loaded vegetable soup with white beans, a light tomato infused broth, tiny pasta and a bit of pesto and parmesan cheese.

*contains gluten and dairy

-From the Garden...

Rebel Chef House Salad / $10 individual - $15 family

Add grilled chicken?

+$3 for individual

+$5 for family

We are firm believers in greens with every meal. Especially when eaten before your main course, they really pave the way for supreme digestion if you catch our drift. Do you catch our drift? Our House Salad is a bed of fresh, crisp, hand torn romaine, sliced cucumber, halved cherry tomato, shaved carrot and red onion with a dijon balsamic vinaigrette.

-In the Icebox...

Organic Overnight Oats / $9 ,

Stock that fridge and use code OATS4DAYS for 20% off when you order 2 or more!

Your choice of organic gluten free rolled or organic steel cut oats, soaked overnight in our ultra creamy homemade cashew milk with organic blueberries and a pinch of cinnamon. Add crushed toasted nuts for $2

-In The Pantry...


We're incredibly excited to have an offering from our wonderful host kitchen on the menu. Danielle puts the 'sweet' in TS&SS (along with running the whole dang business) and we've seen firsthand the love that she pours into their delicious sweet treats. Add them on to your Meal Club order and support two local businesses at once!

Granola Bars / $13 for 6

Sold by the half dozen. Made with gluten free rolled oats, raw organic honey, natural peanut butter allergen free chocolate chips, pumpkin seeds and a touch of salt.

Healthy Seed Crackers / $5 bowl/ $11 quart

A pantry staple in our home! Absolutely perfect when crushed up atop a salad for a

nice bit of crunch. Also a super healthy and super filling alternative to chips or

pretzels. Naturally gluten free and bursting with fiber!

Vegan Cashew 'Parmesan' Cheese / $5 for 6oz

A dairy free housemade parmesan alternative. Use it any way you would regular parm,

or just eat it with a spoon like we do!

Pretty Pink Pickled Onions / $3

Another household favorite. Adds the perfect zippy finishing touch to just

about any dish! Add the liquid to soup or use as the base of a salad dressing!

Thanks for reading and

Happy Eating!

xo RC

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