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7.5.23/Taco Bowls, Pozole, Kale Caesar, Chia Pudding

-orders must be placed by midnight on Wednesday June 28th-

-Brown Box Dinner...

Pick-a-Taco Bowl

You pick your favorite:

Marinated Skirt Steak - $18 adult / $9 kids

Tajin Chicken - $16 adult / $8 kids

Vegetarian - $13 adults / $6 kids

Served over cilantro rice with pinto beans, cut cherry tomatoes, green lettuce, taco cheese and a side of our creamy yogurt, lime & avocado sauce. Comes with tortilla chips for dipping.

-In The Pot...

Vegan Pozole / $7 bowl - $13 quart

A cross between soup and stew, this Pozole is bursting with flavor as well as a kitchen sink of immunity boosting ingredients. Onion, garlic, a hint of jalapeno, pinto beans, hominy and tomatillos. All simmered together in veggie broth with cumin and oregano.

-From the Garden...

Mixed Kale Caesar / $11 individual - $16 large

Chopped romaine & massaged kale, shaved parmesan, breadcrumb croutons, house caesar dressing.

Add grilled chicken if it suits you!

+$3 for individual

+$5 for family size

-In the Icebox...

Organic Cardamom Maple Chia Pudding / $7.50

Organic Chia Seeds and our creamy homemade organic cashew milk. Very lightly sweetened with organic maple syrup and gently spiced with cardamom. Topped with thawed frozen organic mango. Enjoy warm or cold, top like you would oatmeal!

-In The Pantry...

The Pantry is closed for the holiday <3

Thanks for reading and

Happy Eating!

xo RC


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