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3.1.23 Chicken & Rice Soup, EBTB Salad, Overnight Oats, Pantry

-orders must be placed by midnight on Wednesday February 22nd-

Next week's Meal Club will be an abridged menu to allow us some time to test prep new meals for the future! We have tried to select some crowd favorites and give you as many options as possible.

-In the pot...

Chicken & Rice Soup / $7 bowl - $14 quart

Pulled chicken breast, carrot, celery, onion, white rice, fresh parsley with a hint of lemon

Side of Rachel's 'Healthy Noodles' / $9

Banza brand chickpea pasta, cooked soft and gently simmered in Rao's marinara with a bit of nutritional yeast for a sharper, cheesy taste as well as added protein! 8g of fiber and 15 grams protein per serving.

-From the Garden...

Everything Bagel Salad / $10 individual - $15 large

Peppery arugula and creamy white beans tossed with everything bagel breadcrumbs and pesto vinaigrette- now with chewy, tangy sun dried tomatoes for added color and nutrients!

Add grilled chicken or steak

+$3 individual, +$5 family

+8 for individual, +12 family

-In The Icebox

Rachel's Overnight Oats / $9

Your choice of gluten free rolled or organic steel cut, soaked overnight in our ultra creamy homemade cashew milk with organic blueberries and a pinch of cinnamon. Add crushed toasted nuts for $2

-In The Pantry...

AJ's Famous Granola Bars by the half dozen/ $13 for 6

I had been making these bars for Meal Club for a little while by the time my husband AJ left his full time job to help me out. One of the first things he did after coming on was say 'these bars are really good, but I could make them way better.' He certainly did.

Made with gluten free rolled oats, raw organic honey, natural peanut butter allergen free chocolate chips, organic pumpkin seeds and a touch of salt.

Healthy Seed Crackers / $5 bowl/ $11 quart

*temporarily unavailable but will return next week!

Vegan Cashew 'Parmesan' Cheese / $5 for 6oz

A dairy free housemade parmesan alternative. Use it any way you would regular parm,

or just eat it with a spoon like we do!

Pretty Pink Pickled Onions / $3

Another household favorite. Adds the perfect zippy finishing touch to just

about any dish! Add the liquid to soup or use as the base of a salad dressing!

Thanks for reading and

Happy Eating!

xo RC


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