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Mediterranean Build-a-Meal, Chicken Rice Soup

-orders must be placed by midnight on Wednesday May 10th-

-Brown Box Dinner/ From the Garden...

It's a build-your-own Mediterranean Family Meal Adventure!

Each 'step' is an a la carte menu item. Get as much or as little of each item as you'd like and create your own Mediterranean Feast!


Greek Pasta Salad/ $6 side (16oz), $12 quart (32 oz) $13 Brown Box (45 oz)

Tiny orzo pasta with chopped cucumber, red onion, and tangy feta. Tossed with lots of fresh lemon, herbs and olive oil.

STEP 2: Add a protein?

Greek Vinaigrette Marinated Grilled Chicken Breast:

$5/1 or $9/2

Roasted Lemony Oregano Shrimp:

$5/5 or $10/12

Greek Meatballs (beef and lamb with garlic, fresh mint & parsley)

$5/2 or $10/5

Marinated Chickpeas:

$4/8oz cup


Add fresh greens?

$2/side or $4/brown box

STEP 4: Add extras? (3oz cup)

Rachel's Tzatziki $2

RC Greek Vinaigrette $1

Feta $1

Olives $1

-In the pot..

Chicken & Rice Soup / $7 bowl - $14 quart

Pulled chicken breast, carrot, celery, onion, white rice, fresh parsley with a hint of lemon

-In the Icebox...

Organic Overnight Oats / $9 ,

Stock that fridge and use code OATS4DAYS for 20% off when you order 2 or more!

Your choice of organic gluten free rolled or organic steel cut oats, soaked overnight in our ultra creamy homemade cashew milk with organic blueberries and a pinch of cinnamon. Add crushed toasted nuts for $2

-In The Pantry...

Granola Bars / $13 for 6

Sold by the half dozen. Made with gluten free rolled oats, raw organic honey, natural peanut butter allergen free chocolate chips, pumpkin seeds and a touch of salt.

Healthy Seed Crackers / $5 bowl/ $11 quart

Back Next Week!

Vegan Cashew 'Parmesan' Cheese / $5 for 6oz

A dairy free housemade parmesan alternative. Use it any way you would regular parm,

or just eat it with a spoon like we do!

Pretty Pink Pickled Onions / $3

Another household favorite. Adds the perfect zippy finishing touch to just

about any dish! Add the liquid to soup or use as the base of a salad dressing!


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