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11.9.22 Thai Crunch Bowl, Coconut Miso, Sushi House, Kale & Chicken Salads, Dino Muffins

-Menu for service on November 9th. Orders close November 2nd at midnight-



Your bowl will come packed with hand shredded Napa, savoy and red cabbage, shaved carrot, sliced sweet bell peppers as well as fresh basil and mint. Served tossed with brown rice ramen noodles and a protein of your choice in our homemade tangy peanut dressing topped with crushed peanuts and sesame sticks.


COCONUT MISO SOUP W/ TOFU & LIME/ $8 Bowl - $14 quart

This soup is zippy and nourishing. A cross between a classic miso and a tom kha.

Our coconut miso soup will have scallion, tofu, snow peas, mushrooms, carrots and a coconut lime miso broth. Bright yet creamy with a satisfying finish.

-Salads- Sides & Extra Veggies

SUSHI HOUSE SALAD / $8 individual - $13 large

Crisp, crunchy iceberg lettuce topped with a trio of shaved carrot, radish and cucumber and served with a homemade miso ginger dressing (the orange one). Bright and delicious (not to mention nutritious) all on its own, even more nourishing when eaten with our Coconut Miso Soup!

THE KALE SALAD / $12 individual-$17 large

Kale Salad is putting down roots- here to stay for the season!

Massaged kale, toasted quinoa, housemade salt and pepper almonds, dried cherries and

a fruity herb dressing

POACHED CHICKEN SALAD /$6 cup-$9 bowl-$13 quart

Shredded poached chicken chicken breast salad mixed with celery, green onion, green apple, fresh herbs and a light homemade dijonaise.

-Everything Else-

Green Smoothie / 'Dinosaur' Muffins 2 for $5 or 4 for $8

These muffins are absolutely packed with nutrition. Everything you love about green

smoothies, packed up and all ready to grab and go!

Granola Bars $13 for 6

Straight from our Brown Box Lunches and sold by the half dozen.

Made with gluten free rolled oats, raw organic honey, natural peanut butter

allergen free chocolate chips, pumpkin seeds and a touch of salt.

Healthy Seed Croutons $5 bowl/ $11 quart

A pantry staple in our home! Absolutely perfect when crushed up atop a salad for a

nice bit of crunch. Also a super healthy and super filling alternative to chips or

pretzels. Naturally gluten free and bursting with fiber!

Vegan Cashew 'Parmesan' Cheese $5 for 4oz

A dairy free housemade parmesan alternative. Use it any way you would regular parm,

or just eat it with a spoon like we do!

Thanks for reading &

Happy Eating!

xo RC


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