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9.26.22 Tangy Pot Roast, Chicken Rice, Lemon Lentil, Everything Bagel & Italian Salads

~Menu for service on September 26&28

Orders close September 21 at midnight~


*for Wednesday service only

Tangy Pot Roast w. Rainbow Carrots

A hybrid of my Grandmother's old-school recipe and my parents new-school recipe,

dolled up with gorgeous rainbow carrots and zip from pickled peppers.


Chicken & Rice Soup

Pulled chicken breast, carrot, celery, onion, white rice, fresh parsley

Lemony Red Lentil Soup (vegan)

Onion, garlic and red lentils simmered in veggie broth and spices until velvety.

Finished with fresh lemon to brighten your spirits.


Everything Bagel Salad

Peppery arugula and creamy white beans tossed with everything bagel breadcrumbs and

pesto vinaigrette.

'Sort of Italian' Salad

Shredded romaine & escarole, thinly sliced salami, turkey and provolone cheese with

artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers and housemade pink onion vinaigrette

-Everything Else-

Brown Box Lunches

Save yourself some precious minutes in the morning with a premade wholesome lunch

for your kiddo (or yourself!) Choice of sandwich (turkey w. cheese on a croissant or

pb & j on whole grain) along with a fruit or veggie (rotates weekly) a homemade granola

bar, goldfish crackers and a juicebox.

Granola Bars

Straight from our Brown Box Lunches and sold by the half dozen.

Made with gluten free rolled oats, raw organic honey, natural peanut butter

allergen free chocolate chips, pumpkin seeds and a touch of salt.

Chickpea Mash (vegan)

Steamed chickpeas mashed with avocado, shaved celery, garlic & vegan mayo.

Slather it on toast or crackers, add to your salad or eat it straight out of the container!

Healthy Seed Croutons

A pantry staple in our home! Absolutely perfect when crushed up atop a salad for a

nice bit of crunch. Also a super healthy and super filling alternative to chips or

pretzels. Naturally gluten free and bursting with fiber!

Pretty Pink Pickled Onions

Another household favorite. Adds the perfect zippy finishing touch to just

about any dish! Add the liquid to soup or use as the base of a salad dressing!

Happy Eating!


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