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Noodle Time / Beef & Broccoli Noodle Bowl / Thai Crunch Salad

Menu for the week of May 9th. Orders must be placed by 5pm on Monday May 9th for delivery or pickup on Wednesday May 11th.

We consider ourselves amateur nutritionists. Both of us over the course of our lives and especially since being married and having a family have tried and tweaked just about every concept in the nutrition and wellness world in an effort to build a strong foundation for long term health. We, like most, hope to grow older with as much grace and as little pain as possible. Realizing that sometimes the best laid plans have unforeseen ends, we ultimately strive for as healthy of a balance as we can and hope for the best. In my ten years as a professional cook, I have seen and heard some pretty alarming and often times hilarious claims from people regarding what is considered 'healthy'- Meat will kill you slowly vs. people should only eat meat. Organic = healthy, gluten free= healthy, vegan=healthy, don't eat egg yolks, only eat chicken breast, fat makes you fat, cut carbs, WAIT, don't cut carbs......

The fact of the matter is, different things work for different people and what works for one, will be wrong for the next. Here are a few universal truths we've come to accept as the pillars of healthy living

*eat lots of veggies, every day and in lots of colors

*avoid food cooked in creepy, mystery, highly refined oils whenever you can

*avoid processed food

*listen to YOUR body. Give it what it responds well to, leave out what it doesn't. You shouldn't need Tums or Pepto to get through the day (I say this from experience)

*get outside, breathe fresh air and MOVE your bod

*when you eat something that you or someone else has labeled as 'bad', definitely don't allow yourself to feel bad or guilty about it, enjoy that sh** and move on, because the stress of feeling bad about enjoying a doughnut is going to kill you a hell of a lot faster than the doughnut itself.

Balance baby.

With that in mind, I hope you all are headed into a fabulous weekend full of fresh air, maybe some sunshine, time well spent with friends and family and as always, delicious food.

Next week we'll be serving up these little nuggets of balanced health & flavor, straight to your door:


Lean cuts of marinated steak, seared and tossed up with tender broccoli, carrots and brown rice ramen noodles. Served in a tangy stir fry sauce. I honestly wish I was eating this as I sit here typing.....sigh

Grown up Noodle Bowl for $16

pint sized Noodle Bowl for $7


Crunchy, fresh, light and satisfying- this will the be perfect accompaniment to you Noodle Bowl, or as always, the perfect thing to have stashed in the fridge to eat on a busy day later in your week!

Hand shredded Napa cabbage (with a pinch of red cabbage for color because we wanna eat that rainbow) carrots, edamame, sweet bell pepper and cilantro. Served with crushed peanuts and a citrusy peanut sauce. yum.

Individual size for $11

XL Big Boy Salad $16

Guess what guys?! We're going to skip the soup this appears that maybe, just MAYBE, The Sun will be gracing us with it's presence and I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth by serving hot soup during a week of 80 degree weather. We'll revisit the idea of soup next week...

Happy Eating!

xo RC



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