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Rebel Chef 101: Healthful Provisions For Your Subdivisions

What to know and what to do in the Rebel Chef Neighborhood.

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Wondering what you might be getting into? Let's go over the basics.

We're striving to solve a common problem in the most wholesome way possible. The problem is this: Life is chaotic and it's often a struggle to feed ourselves and our families as well as we wish we could. Many meal solutions close at hand are, in our opinion, not conducive to health and wellness.

That's why we came up with the Neighborhood Meal Club. We think you shouldn't have to eat crummy food to save money, you shouldn't have to rely on wasteful pre-packaged foods and meal box services to save time, and you certainly shouldn't have to skimp on flavor to improve your health.

Instead, we propose a simpler solution: Let a neighbor cook for you once a week.

We make meals with ultra-fresh, high quality, in-season ingredients. Many of our meals are naturally anti inflammatory, gluten free and dairy free! They taste good, they're good for you, and they're cooked by someone down the street. We'll even bring them over to your front door!

We're bringing the "good old days" back to the Rebel Chef Neighborhood.


How It Works

  • The Meal Club will run once weekly. Menus will be posted on Friday mornings here on the site and delivered to your inbox if you're a subscriber! Meals will be prepared in our commercial kitchen on Tuesdays and available for pickup or delivery on Wednesdays. Delivery in the Neighborhood (anywhere in the 60516 zip code) will be free.

  • Starting mid-April, we'll post a new menu each week that includes an entree, a salad, and a soup. You can order as much or as little of each item as you'd like. Entrees will come in adult and child portions. Salads will come in family size or individual size. Soups will come by the quart or by the bowl. You'll also be able to get some specially packaged add-on items on a rotating basis each week. You won't want to miss these; they'll become staples in your house like they are in ours.

  • Place your order before the cut-off each week, which will be Wednesdays at midnight. Once you place your order, you'll get our weekly update that will include serving suggestions, tips and tricks for how to reduce waste, reuse leftovers and more.

  • If you live within the delivery zone, we'll zip your food over to you on Wednesday. If not, you can come pick it up during the designated pick-up window. Deliveries on Wednesdays will take place between 12 and 2pm. If you will not be home to receive your delivery in person we will require you to leave out a cooler in order to ensure proper temperature control of your meals. If no cooler is available at time of delivery, we will return your order to HQ for you to pick up.


We're still working out the kinks on a lot of stuff so we really appreciate your patience and flexibility as we get into the swing of things. We think you'll like what we're working on.


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