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8.29.22 Thai Chicken Crunch Bowl, Almost Sushi-House Salad, Coconut Miso Soup w/ Tofu & Lime.

Menu for the week of August 29th. Orders must be placed by 5pm on Sunday August 28th for delivery or pickup on Wednesday August 31st.

**PLEASE NOTE: Starting with next week's service (8/31) our delivery window will now be from 12-2. Pickups will be available from 3:30-6:30. We believe this change will align best with school-year schedules. As usual- we are MORE THAN HAPPY to work with anyone who needs an alternate time for delivery or pickup, please just reach out and we will get you taken care of!

Howdy neighbors,

Happy Friday and congratulations on another week in the books (and a new year of school beginning, parents!). We hope that you are settling nicely into your new routines or chugging along with gusto if you aren’t... This is a time of year when our family generally cuts well back on unhealthy extras- the enjoyable abandon of the summer and the cozy indulgence of the eventual holiday season are the pieces of brioche that sandwich a proverbial veggie patty, if you know what we mean. As with every week, the items we are offering through Meal Club are a cross section of staple items that we actually keep around our own home in bulk for healthy eating any day or time of the week with minimal (/no) fuss.

We are continuing to offer Brown Box Lunches this week as nutritious and delicious options for school time- they are easy for you (if you need it) and will hold in the refrigerator for multiple days. All materials used for the sandwich, fruit/veggie and handmade cereal bars are in season, minimally processed, hand selected and organic where possible. The Goldfish are Goldfish. Available in the add-on section of the order form for $9.

On our personal event horizon is the changeover of our website payment portal- we will (soon) no longer be PayPal exclusive and will also be extending the ordering window to a full week, not just our usual Fri-Sun! We will revisit this topic in full detail when changes are implemented. AND NOW without further ado, this weeks menu:


THAI CRUNCH CHICKEN NOODLE BOWL (dairy free, can make gluten free by requesting 'no sesame sticks' on your order form!)

This veggie and protein packed bowl takes all the best parts of our Thai Crunch Salad (pictured) but with the addition of whole grain brown rice ramen noodles and roast chicken.

Want to make your bowl plant based? We can either leave your bowl chicken-less or sub with tofu. Just order as normal as type your preference in the notes section of your order form.

Your bowl will come packed with hand shredded Napa, savoy and red cabbage, shaved carrot, sliced sweet bell peppers as well as fresh basil and mint. Served over the aforementioned brown rice ramen and chicken, a side of our homemade tangy peanut dressing and an adorable little cup of crushed peanuts and sesame sticks. CRUNCH.

Entree size (feeds one incredibly hungry adult or two moderately hungry ones) $15

half entree size (feeds half of everything I just said) $8

AJ says: 'Part of our personal 'cutting back' involves being mostly on the wagon from time to time to maintain balance. There are plenty of cocktails bases that are terrific without the booze OR with it greatly reduced- For this dish I would recommend jalapeno lemonade. Start by making (or purchasing) lemonade, and then simply puncture or cut a couple jalapeno peppers and let them steep for 4-6 hours. Serve over ice! The result is excellent and appetite stimulating. If you’re feeling extra spicy, steep longer or add a splash of vodka or mezcal'

SUSHI HOUSE SALAD (vegan, gluten free)

A classic hibachi dinner favorite. We absolutely love the crisp house salad that arrives at your table with cleansing miso soup before a sushi-eating contest, I mean dinner. Sushi dinner.

Crisp, crunchy iceberg lettuce topped with a trio of shaved carrot, radish and cucumber and served with a homemade miso ginger dressing (the orange one). Bright and delicious (not to mention nutritious) all on its own, even more nourishing when eaten with our Coconut Miso Soup!

Individual/Side Salad: $8

Entree/Splitting size: $13

AJ says: 'A year-round low ABV favorite for me is Steigl Radler. It is a truly delicious and cuttingly citrusy 4% beer that goes great with other bright flavors like the ones you’ll find in this salad.'

COCONUT MISO SOUP W/ TOFU & LIME (vegan, gluten free)

This soup is zippy and nourishing. A cross between a classic miso and a tom kha.

Our coconut miso soup will have scallion, tofu, snow peas, mushrooms, carrots and a coconut lime miso broth. Bright yet creamy with a satisfying finish.

16oz bowls are $8

By the Quart $14

AJ says: 'I am recently a BIG fan of Piquette, a low ABV (and lightly funky) wine made from the second pressings of regular wine varietals. They normally clock in around half the total alcohol and have a correspondingly light and refreshing tannic quality–great for creamy soup. Ask for one at Binnys or Cellar 406, they aren’t around everywhere but are worth a try!'

That's all folks!

Happy Eating!

xo RC

Looking ahead...

Delivery Date Menu

September 7th No service this week, love from the EST!

September 14th *Rebel Chef Weeknight Meat Sauce

*Apple, Roasted Beet & Goat Cheese Salad

*Pesto Minestrone

September 21st *TBD as the weather changes here

enthusiastically taking requests!

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