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Who's Hungry? / Brined Pork Tenderloin / Rainbow Salad / Mushroom Rice Soup

Menu for the week of April 25th. Orders must be placed by 5pm on Monday April 25th for delivery/pickup on Wednesday April 27th.

Hello lovely Neighbors- Thanks so much for being here!

We got a lot of great (and much appreciated) feedback about this week's Meal Club. If you ordered and you've got thoughts to share, please don't hesitate. We're very interested to hear what you've got to say.

We are locked, loaded and ready to do the whole thing all over again so only one question remains... Who's Hungry?

This week on the menu:

We keep a well stocked and constantly moving freezer at home. Different cuts of meat, frozen veggies and always some frozen pizzas. I tend to build my grocery list for the week based off of what's on hand in our freezer in an effort to minimize waste and also keep from hanging on to anything for too long and thus losing quality. One thing that we always have in stock, and no one in our house ever gets sick of eating is pork tenderloin. It cooks up quick, it reheats well, it can easily be refrozen, the flavor options are seemingly endless. Not to mention it's wonderfully lean and packed with protein. A perfect weeknight meal if we do say so ourselves.


We'll be serving up brined, dry rubbed and roasted pork tenderloin medallions with a side of sweet, salty, and tangy pineapple glaze. Each entree comes with a whole roasted sweet potato (half for the kiddo portion) split down the center and smothered in toasted pecans mixed with herbs and our cashew parmesan cheese. Trust us, if you haven't tried this cashew miracle yet, you're about to be a convert for life.

$15 for the grown ups/ $7 for the kids


This salad is one of our absolute favorites. While these flavors will perfectly compliment a pork dinner, this is also a great one to stash in the fridge for a quick, healthy and filling lunch on a busy work day. Sliced strawberries, blueberries, and lemony shaved granny smith apples, toasted walnut and creamy feta. Served over a bed of crisp spring mix with a side of our apple cider vinaigrette.

$11 for a side serving (24oz) $17 for entree size (serves two hungry adults as a side or one ultra hungry adult as a meal)


I don't know if it's becoming obvious yet, but we could (and often do) eat soup and salad every day. It's a super satisfying and versatile way to get in as many veggies as possible while experiencing the most variety of flavor. This week's soup will be a brothy, savory bowl of umami heaven. Mixed mushrooms, carrots, celery and onion, a rich veggie broth, whole grain brown rice and fresh herbs. Another great choice to either compliment your pork tenderloin, or to stash in your fridge for the next time you're starving without any time to spare.

$7 for a 16oz bowl/ $13 for a quart

Happy Eating!

xo RC


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