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Yippy Ki Yay! / Chicken w. Italian Salsa Verde / Arugula Salad / Carrot Soup

HELLO Neighborhood-

We have sorely missed you these last two weeks. Thank you so very much to all who filled out our Meal Club Feedback Survey. Your responses have been helpful and illuminating. We will be addressing your wonderful questions and suggestions in short order but for the moment….

I sure hope you’re HUNGRY, cuz I’ve got a fever, and the only cure is making a ton of food and delivering it to your door!

I always feel a bit reluctant to leave my cold weather cooking routine. It’s comforting and cozy and predictable and I enjoy it quite a bit. But as the days get longer, hotter and more filled with dirt, sweat and melted popsicle juice, I inevitably welcome the changes brought to my home kitchen by the magic of summer. While in the winter I often find myself with time or motivation to prep veggies for stew or (you guessed it) salad alongside my morning coffee, conversely in the summer, I find myself casually mentioning that ‘I didn’t really have a plan for dinner’ somewhere around the 4 o’clock hour. This is where summer’s bounty really shines. Because you don’t need to spend extra time prepping ingredients and coaxing out deeper flavors in the summer months when you can reach for fresh tomatoes, peaches and melons, veggies of all shapes and colors, juicy berries, tender herbs…the possibilities really are endless. Start with some type of very fresh, summer produce - add some pasta, rice, crusty bread or what have you, along with a simply seasoned and thoughtfully prepared protein and dinner is served.


Eat it cold, eat it warm, eat it room temperature, but for God’s sake just EAT IT.

Italian salsa verde is kind of like a riff on pesto. It’s made with fresh parsley instead of basil, and thickened with bits of stale bread soaked in vinegar, a pinch of chili flake, garlic and capers. Each entree will come with a breast, thigh, and leg smothered in 'salsa’. Kids’ serving will be two legs (for that fuss-free, primitive eating style) on a bed of salsa for easier evasive maneuvers.

Adult Size $15

Kiddos $7

AJ says: Enjoy this with a Dolcetto or any inexpensive red table wine you have laying around that's light and dry. We like ours lightly chilled!


This salad is my secret weapon. It’s got 3 ingredients (not including the dressing), it comes together in 5 minutes (including the time it takes to make the dressing) and it is absolutely delicious. It’s light and bright in the summer and revitalizing in the winter. It will literally make you feel like you’ve hit the reset button on your digestion. Peppery arugula, crunchy, nutty hemp seeds and nutritional yeast; doused with a very vibrant lemon vinaigrette for a (very figurative) punch of sunshine in your mouth. Never tried nutritional yeast? No time like the present! Packed with fiber, protein and vitamins, not to mention FLAVOR. It is a Vegan’s answer to a world without parmesan cheese.

Individual Size $9

XL $14

AJ says: Try with a Gin Highball! We use 1oz gin (Hendrick's preferred) and 5oz sparkling mineral water (Topo Chico a must) to keep it light. Add twist of lemon. You can muddle a single Demerara sugar cube at the bottom of your glass if you want some sweetness. Serve very cold but without ice!


Fun fact: my daughter loves carrots, and despises this soup. My husband despises carrots and loves this soup. Go figure. Fresh carrots are simmered in vegetable broth along with coriander, cumin and a bit of fresh ginger. I know some of those flavors can be a bit scary for a few of you out there but this soup really is very easy on the palate. The tender carrots are blended with pillows of ricotta cheese and yogurt for a bit of depth and creaminess. It’s light but satisfying and delicious when eaten warm or cold. This recipe (as well as the Italian salsa verde) is adapted from one of my favorite You-Tubers, Kylie Flavell. If you’d like to fall down a rabbit hole into a magical world that is a reclaimed and rebuilt Tuscan villa narrated by a voice like warm coffee first thing in the morning, then I suggest you cancel your day and head over to her channel this instant.

16 oz Bowl $8

Quart $15

AJ says: Wash this down with a Pilsner Urquell or any other bready and quenching lager.


While I originally started using these little guys to crush into and add crunch to salads in need of texture, they are really good left whole and eaten as a cracker or dipped in hummus.

12 oz cups are $5

Happy Eating!


Looking Ahead…

Delivery Date Menu

6/15 RC Pork Tenderloin w/ Apple Mustard Sauce

Rainbow Fruit & Nut Salad w/ Apple Cider Vinaigrette

Brothy Mushroom Barley Soup

6/22 Creamy White Bean Chicken Chili w/ Pretty Pink Pickled Onions

RC Dairy Free Corn Muffins

Not Your Mama’s Slaw

6/29 RC Beef & Broccoli Noodle Bowl

Thai Crunch Salad w/ Citrus Peanut Dressing

Tangy Coconut Veggie Soup


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