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About Us


Rebel Chef is a family business located in Downers Grove. We're a husband and wife team who have been cooking, feeding, serving, and brewing for the past decade. We're truly thrilled to finally launch Rebel Chef and introduce our flagship Meal Club

Rachel is the cook and business mastermind of Rebel Chef. She has worked as a private chef and special event caterer for years in addition to local neighborhood work; cooking and delivering deliciously inventive food for coworkers, friends and family.

Alec is the man behind the curtain. Formerly head brewer at Miskatonic Brewing Company in Darien, AJ is a cicerone certified beer connoisseur who is also a fast hand at making cocktails. Besides keeping the team's spirits up (pun intended?) AJ operates as sous-chef, Mr. Fix-It and the voice of reason in all things Rebel Chef.

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